"Stephanie is a fantastic photographer! She has done many portrait sessions for us before and there is not one that I have not been happy with. The most recent session was a newborn session with my son Ryan. She was so patient even though he was not very cooperative. She even came back a second time since we weren't able to get many photos the first time. Once we were able to get more photos, her turn around time was less than a week. I expected to have to wait a couple of weeks and she was very fast with the turn around. I would recommend her to anyone for family, wedding, newborn, engagement, band pictures, etc. She can take a photo of anyone or anything and it turns out amazing!"

- Shannon Robine (Newborn Session with Ryan)

"Stephanie is very competent and personable. Point her in a direction and she can accomplish a task with little supervision. Further, she takes ownership of the projects she works on to enhance the scope and effectiveness."

- Aaron Tweedie (Man-PACK, as seen on ABC's Shark Tank)


"Easy going and flexible! Stephanie helped my business with product photography for my website. I was pleasantly pleased with her work. If you want a professional who is open to ideas - this photographer is the one for you!"

- Jessica Della Puca (Fredericksburg Jeweler)


"With a few questions, Stephanie not only suggested the perfect location for our anniversary portraits, she was willing to work with our dog (sweet but dopey), and also worked in a few professional head shots I've been able to use in author bios since. She was flexible in working with my complicated schedule. Throughout working with Stephanie, her professionalism and the quality of her work were both exceptional."

-Sarah Winn (Poet in Fairfax VA)



"Absolutely the best! Stephanie is so easy to work with - all the way through I had no doubt we hired the right photographer for our daughter's wedding. The quality of her photos is wonderful and her creative posing makes it fun. She captured everything we wanted and seemed to do it effortlessly, never in the way. I highly recommend her for your event."

- Kathy Belcher (Mother Of The Bride)

The poses you see here are the groomsmen posing how they think the bridesmaids would pose, and the bridesmaids posing how they think the groomsmen would pose. Always a winner, full of personality!

"We hired Stephanie to do behind the scenes photos of our music video shoot. I had some very particular shots and a certain look and feel in mind. I did not share, discuss, or even mention these things to Stephanie, yet she absolutely flawlessly captured it all. She is not a photographer; she is an artist. I was amazed when I saw the results of her work, but did not fully appreciate her talent until I saw the finished video a few days ago. Wow, wow, WOW. Seeing the moments and movements that she captured... the colors... the lighting... the vibe. She is the best I've worked with by far. Highest possible recommendation. Thank you, Stephanie."

- Page & Powers (Nashville Rap/Hip-Hop Duo)


"Stephanie helped me with an important Photoshop project this week and I couldn't have asked for better service. Besides being a total master of the image, she was prompt, very friendly, and seemed to know exactly what I wanted even when I couldn't fully articulate it. She'll definitely be my first contact for any photography/Photoshop work in the future."

- Daniel Zellar (Author)

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