Stephanie McKendrick

About Stephanie

I fell in love with photography right before I graduated high school. I was on the path of web design, when I found myself creating more image-based websites through taking photos of every day objects and integrating them into realistic layout designs. After graduating high school, I began making friends within my local music scene in Winchester VA. I began to take my camera to these shows, and instantly fell in love with capturing the energy and emotion musicians bring to the stage as they perform.

I began taking photography courses at George Mason University in Fairfax VA, and began discovering other aspects of photography I had never even considered. Experiments with film and darkroom photography, as well as large format and photogram photography opened my eyes to many different techniques. Some of my favorite projects took place in my documentary photography class, where I started a project sending disposable cameras to friends and family all over the country, and asked for the postal workers handling the package (in this case, the camera itself) to take photos along its journey. Many other projects launched me out of my comfort zone with photography and got me interested in being more experimental in my work.

I worked as a house photographer at The Fillmore in Silver Spring MD for a winter, and have been working as a photographer for several yearbook portraits companies in both VA and TN. I moved to Nashville in Summer of 2015, and have fallen in love with this contagious vibe Music City has. I've made a ton of connections and met a lot of great people and amazing artists. There's just one person I can't wait to meet - YOU! Don't hesitate to send me a message just saying hi, or if you have any questions about anything you see here on my website. I love making new friends!